POCO OIL ポコオイル

POCO OIL “l”        $ 30  (30ML)
lavender                 $80  (100ML)





POCO OIL “R”           $ 36 (30ML)




ROSE ABSOLUTE ( 100% PURE / Bulgaria )

Lavender (certified organic / NZ north island)

Function to the body : subsides circulatory systems ( effective to high blood pressure and sleeplessness )

Function to the skin : urges growth of new healthy cell ( for burns, sunburns and ache skins). Controles and makes balances on skin rejuvenation.

Function to scalp : Stimulates scalp ( prevents hairloss. hair restoration ) 

Rose Absolute  (100% pure / Blugaria)

Reproduction : balances hormonal system (strengthens uterus, effective on sterility for both women and men)

Circulatory system : Strengthenes blood vessels, heart and spleen.

Digestive systems : strengthenes liver, urges production of bile, purifies lympathic gland.

Urinary  : effective in diuretic operation

Skin : effective in anti-aging, wrinkles, oily and dry skin

Psychological effects : makes mind brighter and up lifts

Effects on hormonal systems well. Do not use when pregnant.

Jojoba oil  (certified organic / NZ)

Suitable for all skin types, very smooth smooth and not greasy.  Controles the balance of skin. Very similar to collagen so blends in skin and scalp very well. Contais Vitamin A and Carotinoide which are good for anti-inflammation, anti-allergy and eczema. Rejuvenates skin and scalp cells. Effective for prevention of UV ray.

Argan oil  (certified organic / Morrocco)

Extract from argan trees and  fruits only grown in south west region of Morrocco. From ancient times, they were used for cooking, medical and beauty purposes. Arabian medical science found that Argan oil is a good medicine for preventing arteriosclerosis. Effective for repairing damaged hair and keeping them healthy, so often been used as an igredient for expensive hair creams and hair treatments.

Poco oil is our home brend organic leave in conditioning oils. They are really good for both your hair and body because of  their functions of ingredients and aromatic effections